Wake up & save our planet

With this book I want to shake people up to help and do everything to repair the enormous damage we have caused to ourselves and to nature.

I wonder how it is possible that humanity is technically so brilliant to fly to the moon and at the same time destroy our own source of life mother earth, which gives us, everything, what we need, in such a way that the earth at high speed heats up and becomes too dry.

Almost daily we are confronted with all kinds of new alarming messages:

  • The warming up occurs much faster than we thought (and by that the danger of rising sea levels also increases).
  • Rivers and lakes are drying out and this creates water deficiency.
  • The insects die quickly and that endangers our food supply, etc.

It always strikes me that these major global problems are mentioned, but that they fail to demonstrate the mutual connection and to provide plural adequate solutions. That is very frustrating and it makes people anxious and despondent.  A new word has even emerged: “climate stress”.

in my book i do not only nominate the problems, but i also give from an integral holistic perspective real practicable solutions, that help to make our planet healthy again, so that our children also have a livable future.