In the documentary HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IN YOUR OWN HANDS Marianna combines the Universal wisdom about what makes us happy and worldwide research about what makes us healthy and slim, with the aim to help you free yourself step by step from our conditioned self and your subsequent stressful, unhealthy lifestyle. This will enable you to reconnect with your True Self, a centre of infinite creative consciousness.

Consciousness is the key that opens the door to liberation. You need to be liberated from all negative behavioural patterns that are harmful and limiting. And by using your creative power through positive thinking and visualization you can create a better future for yourself and your fellow humans.

Part 1: Living from your own source of happiness

In this part Marianna explains that we are all born with the ability to be happy, our inner source of happiness. Unfortunately we are cut off from this source, and we are told time and again that we can only be happy if we earn as much money as we possibly can. Marianna discusses how you can get in touch with our source of happiness again, and become self-aware and self-confident. We learn how to deal with negative behavioural patterns. And we learn how positive thinking and creative visualization can help us achieve our dreams.

Part 2: Loving relationships

We do not learn how to properly love ourselves and others because we put great value on outward appearances. Advertising bombards us with absurd ideal images that cause us to get a negative self-image. Partners no longer have time for each other; parents are too busy to be proper guides for their children. In this part Marianna shows how you can tackle all of these social requirements and deal with yourself and your family members in a positive and loving way again, making your home a safe haven where you can be your True Self.

Part 3: A healthy way of living

Our modern lives are characterized by an unhealthy and stressful lifestyle. More and more people resort to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. We eat too much of the wrong foods (too much sugar and saturated fats), and use sleeping pills and antidepressants.

In this part Marianna maps out the damage. Before the Industrial Revolution Western diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hypoglycaemia, and systemic candidiasis hardly ever occurred.

Marianna shows by use of global research how you can stay healthy, slim and energetic throughout your life. She explains the importance of balancing a diet of organic food and supplements to prevent geriatric conditions with an especially composed exercise programme. Marianna is an advocate of integral holistic medicine, and she takes you to a specialized health clinic.

Part 4: Serious global problems and the solution

We are suffering more and more from the effects of the climate crisis, financial crisis, and expressions of religious delusion. Global power lies in the hands of banks and multinationals.

Humanity needs to make a choice:

Either we all go down together because of our greed, personal gain of power and money, and abusing and exploiting the environment or we can create a better world based on solidarity and honest distribution of goods, while developing a sustainable production system.

According to Marianna we need a revolution of awareness, connecting people’s minds and hearts, stop pointless wars, and take action and defy world powers by becoming as self-reliant as we can be, for example by making our buildings carbon neutral.

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Blueprint for a better world, health and happiness in your own hands.

Rabbi Mordechal-Lazar, head of the monastery ‘The holy church of Nativity’ in Jeru- salem: Message from Israel. ‘Blueprint for a better world’ is very inspiring and educa- tional, and made with good intentions and knowledge. It’s very good! Thank you.

Josephine Wall, artist from England: Your ideas and hope for the world are admira- ble and I support you 100%.

Reverend Dominic Egbe from Nigeria (Holy Church of God – Lagos): You inspire me with ‘Blueprint for a better world’. It is the best documentary ever made. Thank you very much and may God bless you.

Karimi Azar on behalf of a group of women in Iran: Thank you for the hope you bring into our lives with your documentary. Thanks for all the work and loving care you carried out into a world where many people are no longer involved. I hope people realize that the world will only get better when as many people as possible join forces.

Gianfranco Serafini, director of a health clinic in Italy: Marianna is a great speaker who really knows how to get to people. I am sure that with this documentary she will help many people and I am proud to have been part of this valuable project.

Eddy Roos (artist) and Maria v.d. Louw (yoga teacher): When we watched your doc- umentary, we were very moved. What a great view on politics. You offer a real solution to world problems. If this was put into practice, the world would look better. Beautiful, very beautiful!

Albert Bronk, journalist and life coach: It’s a great documentary, super. I enjoyed it. It was even better than I expected.

Mariska Vroom, manager drugstore: I admire Marianna and her commitment to na- ture. I thought it was a fantastic documentary and love that she raises this issue.

Nahid Karimi, assistant chemist: When I saw this impressive documentary, I felt that I should do something. It gave me a lot of positive energy. That’s why I posted parts of it on my Facebook and I received many positive responses from Iran, such as my sis- ters.

Karen Ooms, nurse: I think your documentary is very inspirational and educational. You have given a lot of care and attention to it and everything comes straight from your heart. Many thanks and lots of respect for you.