The book


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. A healthy life is a daily joy
  4. Genuine communication
  5. The beneficial effects of mindfullness
  6. Men and women have the right to meaningfull work
  7. A plea for organic agriculture and cattle-breeding
  8. The worldwide danger of antibiotics resistance
  9. About the threat of toxic chemicals
  10. The negative effects of globalization
  11. Growing resistance against EU’s privatisation-policy
  12. Failing refugee policy of the European Union
  13. The Credit Crunch and the dysfunctional financial sector
  14. The Climate Crisis is our greatest threat
  15. Truly sustainable solutions
  16. The revolution of the circular-economy
  17. The documentary health & happiness is your own hands

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Titel: Wake up and save our planet
Author: Marianna Farfalla
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ISBN: 978-94-6345-387-5

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Titel: Wake up and save our planet
Author: Marianna Farfalla

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Wake Up & Save Our Planet

This is a message of hope
it is a wake-up-call
to change our life-style
in a positive direction

1. Introduction

We are facing the biggest and most exciting challenge in the history of mankind:
When will we finally realize that we need to make a profound change in order to control this ticking time bomb scenario of a climate crisis that threatens our existence, and the financial crises by which increasingly more people are duped?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ we can turn the tide together, and create a splendid future.
If the answer is ‘No’, we will end up as the most foolish generation that ever lived on earth. Because even though we were being warned repeatedly, we clearly have been blind to the signs.

What we need right now – more than ever – is a revolution of the consciousness we have to reconnect our heads to our hearts and develop our intuitive intelligence, the wisdom of our hearts, to wisely use our technology.

First of all we have to understand that the underlying cause of all global problems, including the dramatic climate crisis and the credit crunch is a crisis of values.
In the industrial countries, we educated our children with the wrong materialistic concepts, like egoism, greed, competition and the importance of outward appearance. We should teach them the right universal values, like self-knowledge, sincere communication, mindfulness and compassion (these values should be also taught in schools!)

All life on earth is operated by an universal intelligence.
This all-embracing intelligence ensures that animals follow their instincts and people their intuition. Birds instinctively respond to a signal that they must fly south before the winter is coming. Without that signal they would freeze to death. Just like animals we experience these instinctive signals as well, but we call it intuition. Without intuitive signals people will die an early death as well.
Only in humans this process takes longer than in animals. Human beings become ill first, because they do a lot of things that damage their health, such as overeating or eating an unhealthy diet, smoking, using drugs, drinking too much alcohol and working too hard.

2. Our unhealthy lifestyle creates diseases of affluence

We have developed an unhealthy lifestyle with too much tension and stress, and an unhealthy diet consisting of too much sugar, refined white flour and saturated fats.
This lifestyle causes a whole range of so-called diseases of affluence like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. The costs for health-care increase worldwide, and become too expensive.

There is one effective way to limit these costs: knowledge of healthy food and respect for nature must become part of the school curriculum.

A healthy life is a daily joy

If you start eating in a wholesome, unprocessed, organic way and start exercising consciously and focused, your condition will improve, your energy level will raise and you will automatically lose weight.

A healthy biological diet contains of several kinds of whole wheat grains, pulse, a small amount of organic meat, fish and soy products (including tofu) on a regular basis. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, (especially blueberries) nuts and seeds (especially linseed). Drink a lot of water and green tea.

Eat no sugar, or as little sugar as possible. Use malt syrup, stevia or pure honey or maple syrup to replace sugar.

Avoid fatal fats and use vital fats

The Dutch company called Witsenburg with its own brand ‘Omega & More’, states that trans-fats and saturated fats are extremely unhealthy and polyunsaturated fatty acids, like fish-oil (omega 3) and evening primrose or borage oil (omega 6) add to our health in a very positive way. Finally use biological olive-oil!
This company recommends us to deep-fry as little as possible and to replace the oil wherever we can.

The effective results from naturopathic remedies

If you become ill, always first look for natural remedies like phytotherapy, homeopathy, gemmotherapy etc. And don’t forget valuable treatment methods like acupuncture and the impressive bioresonance therapy. There are no negative side-effects.

My thirty years experience have made me very enthusiast about the results. Besides helping myself I was also able to help my friends, and even my pets with it.

3. The beneficial effect of mindfulness

Master your mind! Reveal your sub-personalities

Until the moment we truly know ourselves, we find ourselves in the unpleasant position of being a passenger in our own car of life (or worse, being trapped in the trunk) while our sub-personalities are taking turns driving it.

Hal Stone and Sidra Winkelman wrote a very valuable book Embracing Ourselves. They very clearly describe the situation most of us are in, within the current society.

The development of our sub-personalities

Each and every baby comes into this world with its own genetic make-up and a special, unique essence. Stone & Winkelman call this the essence level of the newborn.
I would rather call it the level of the True Self. For the next 21 years: certain behavior is being rewarded other behavior punished.

During this process we gradually loose contact with our True Self and our natural joy, creativity, and our precious intuition. We start developing all kinds of sub-personalities in order to survive in our complex, industrialized society. The four heavy weights are the pusher, the critic, the perfectionist and the pleaser. Finally we become servants of market laws our minds rule and we don’t have enough connection with our hearts.

You will discover that each step out of the world of your sub-personalities (and observe them and their behavior from a distance) is a step into the world of your True Self. In other words; the more you liberate yourself from the identification with your sub-personalities, the more you will experience your True Self.

Meditation is a very powerful and effective way to get to know your True self. The self that you were born with. It helps you to fully direct your attention inward. This deactivates your common thinking patterns and opens your intuitive channel, allowing you to connect to your inner being in addition, meditation has a very positive impact on your body and mind.

I have thoughts but I am not my thoughts. My thoughts come and go while I will always continue to exist. Therefore, from this moment on I choose to have positive thoughts in order to contribute to the quality of my life.

As soon as you understand this principle, you can start working with it. You can follow your own flow of thought and change this flow as soon as it starts to turn into a negative one. This is called ‘positive affirmation’. By saying STOP, you can interrupt the negative thought and turn it into a positive one.
Positive thinking has a positive impact on your health; it releases endorphins which help to reinforce your immune system.

The importance of heart-mind-connection

The word mindfulness is actually – if you take it literally – an incomplete word. A person is in harmony and well balanced when he/she is both mindful and heartful. I see everywhere in the world a lack of heartfulness as a result of the increasing commercialization.

4. Men and women have the right to meaningful work

Women had to fight for their rights and today they are emotionally and rationally developed, which provide them with an advantage over men, who in general just cling to their rational development. However, this advantage also involves a major risk. As long as the situation remains the same, women are being increasingly overburdened since they also have jobs outside their homes, while their husbands are not willing or unable to contribute to housework sufficiently because of their fulltime jobs.

I do want to encourage men to pay attention to a proper caring and emotional development. What’s more, it is tragic how all these rational men lost contact with their pure intuition, and no longer feel that our current materialistic way of life damages humanity and our environment.

I advocate a system where men and women are both able to work part-time (3/4-time), allowing them to also raise their children and carry out housework together, with duties shared equally.

Fortunately, I also notice a growing new group of men. Men with a more developed emotional side who want to spend as much time with their family as they possibly can and men who are aware of the current dangers we are facing, which made them decide to become sustainable entrepreneurs. In my eyes, this is a very positive development.
I am absolutely convinced of the fact that we can only create a better world if men as much as possible open their hearts and become more sensible and have more respect and appreciation for women.
Credit where credit is due! It’s about time women receive the respect they deserve and the equal salary for their work.

To these women I would like to say: “don’t let your self-respect depend on men but respect yourself!

5. The dangers of current large scale agriculture & cattle breeding

About the threat of pesticides:
We are poisoning our environment in such a way that an increasing number of bees are dying right now, and yet of course we need them for the pollination of our food.
There are strong indications that the biggest culprit among the insecticides is the group containing neonicotinoids. Bees are weakened and disorientated by the poison, and can’t find their way back to their hives.

All the insecticides that contain neonicotinoids should be banned immediately to avoid a future food disaster.

Also the dubious Roundup of the producer “Monsanto” should be banned because it contains glyphosate. It destroys the biodiversity because it kills also the plants in surroundings. There are alternative remedies like Raptol and Ultima of the producer “Ecostyle”. More info:

In Holland and big parts of Germany, 75% of all insects disappeared already and this has a dramatic effect on the birds.

In the book ‘Demain la Terre’ by Yannick Monget, about the effects of global warming, we read:
“Fertilizers that farmers scatter frequently on their land are dangerous: only 10 percent of these substances are being absorbed by the plants. The remaining 90 percent is left in the environment, and turned into extremely toxic chemical compounds (nitric acid, nitrogen oxide and nitrate) that poisons surface water”.

At the moment the lion’s share of EU subsidies goes to intensive farming companies. Yet the demand for organic products keeps growing nonetheless. This subsidy policy is wrong and should be re-evaluated, making less subsidy funds available for intensive farming and more for their organic alternatives instead.
Not only would this be better for our health, since organic food contains the most micronutrients, but also for the welfare of animals, for our environment and for food safety.

Finally, reducing the amount of meat we consume also helps decrease global warming since the faces of such a large amount of farm animals produces large amounts of methane which contribute to global warming.
Industrial livestock production increases the risk of developing all kind of diseases.

6. The worldwide danger of antibiotic resistance

Another alarming situation is the excessive long-term use of antibiotics in the live- stock industry, and over-the-counter sales of these products, for example in India.

We are left with very few effective antibiotics to fight resistant bacteria. If we carry on like this we will turn back to medieval circumstances. We should take action swiftly, globally!
We need to change our policies: antibiotics should only be used to control extremely harmful, life-threatening bacterial infections.
Effective natural remedies for viral infections exist, like echinacea, propolis and colloidal silver.
In countries like Russia, Ukraine and Georgia, they developed an effective method to kill harmful bacteria by means of bacteriophages. A bacteriophage is a tiny virus that enters into the bacteries dna and kills it.

7. The climate crisis is our greatest threat

There is an enormous lack of awareness of the dangers of climate change among large sections of the population.

Powerful lobbies of certain multinational companies, banks and investment trust funds have been causing the greatest part of the damage. They have huge interests because of their exorbitant profits. So now it is reasonable they pay a proportional CO2-tax!

How many natural disasters do we need before mankind wakes up and starts to live responsibly?
When will we finally realize that we should respect and protect our planet’s ecological infrastructure, because it is the foundation of our existence!!!

Now we have to learn to protect what is left of nature and we have to give mother earth a chance to recover from the incredible damage done by us.

This will involve a financial investment. However, if we stay as neglectful as we are now, the price will be so much higher.
People, wake up! Change your lifestyle and put pressure on the government to take the necessary measures.

8. We have to protect our oceans and precious coral reefs

About 75% of the earth is made up of seas and oceans but we seriously polluted this magical, magnificent underwater world.

Research done by Tara Oceans revealed that large parts of our oceans contain high levels of plastic particles. This is damaging for algae, sea plants and marine animals, and finally also for humanity.
Fact is that marine life, especially plankton, helps us fight CO2 emission by absorbing it, and produces 50% of our oxygen through the photosynthesis process.
The enormous ‘plastic soup’ and the rising temperature of the water, as a result of global warming, slows down this process and reduces the oxygen level.

According to the latest survey by the world wildlife fund half of the fish population and other sea creatures has already disappeared.
There should be a ban on overfishing with mega fish trawlers and fishing methods like trawling that destroy bottom life, or worse damaging the coral reefs with dynamite.

9. We have to protect our precious rainforests

The documentary ‘The Borneo Case’ shows there is an international network of holdings, offshore-bank accounts, etc. With an annual turnover of 30 billion to support the corrupt rainforest-destruction-industry.
This disgusting destruction has to be stopped!

We have to make sure the destruction of the rainforest to create palmoil-plantations will stop because they are an essential part of our ecological infrastructure and they contain valuable medical plants and what’s more, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen which reduces the co2 emission.

Consumers should decide to buy wood and paper with the FSC label, and avoid products containing palm oil.
Moreover they should change over to green banks.

10. We have to look for a smart energy mix

Priority number one is that we should make more use of renewable energy, and we should find alternatives for petrol and diesel. The production of electrical cars should be promoted by means of subsidization.

We have to look for a clever combination of alternative energy sources such as nuclear fusion, hydrogen, earth-warmth, wind, solar energy, etc.
These renewable energy sources will at first supplement but in the long term replace fossil fuels. This involves all kinds of energy consumption: in transport and logistics, and industrial and domestic use.

There are promising sustainable inventions, like the ‘Dutch Blue Energy-project’ (energy derived from salt and fresh water). These kind of inventions will have a postiv effect on our future-economy and employment. 

11. The revolution of the sustainable-circular economy

In the inspiring book ‘Cradle-to-cradle’, written by Michael Braungart & William Mc Donough, we are encouraged to design our products in such an intelligent way that all materials can be reused and won’t go to waste.

There are more and more big companies and even multi-nationals who feel a need to make a transition from linear to circular economy and to save our climate.

Thank goodness we see everywhere in the world a growing awareness of sustainable living. This is very hopeful for the future! But still a lot of evil takes place and that can only be eliminated when as much as possible people wake up and are going to help to save our planet!

Together we can break the power of the mighty lobbies and force them to change their policy.

Take good care of yourself & our children.

Don’t buy anymore harmful products because there is sufficient evidence that all kind of chemicals (including pesticides, cleaning products and even parabens in cosmetic creams) are damaging our health and dangerous for unborn babies.

My advice is simple & efficient:

Eat biological and use only natural products for your corporal care & for your house and garden.

In this book I give many examples of courageous people who work with heart
and soul to create a better world, like Linda Leonard with her plead for less consuming in the documentary ‘The story of our stuff, and the heroic Vadana Shiva who advocates ecological farming in India.

And today you can decide to join us!

Contributing to a better world is the most meaningful and
fulfilling work in the world!

Awareness → Insight → Conscious action
are the keys to create a healthy, happy life

Organic food, sustainable production, consuming less and a more equitable distribution of wealth are all vital elements to provide us with
the radiant health sustainable happiness and peace that we are all longing for.

In my book ‘Wake up & save our planet’ I tell you more about all these subjects –broad based- on research and personal experience.


If you feel touched by my wake-up call, please pass it on to other people! 

With kindest regards from Marianna Farfalla – e-mail: