Marianna Farfalla

Marianna dreamed of a career as an actress but her father prevented this and she became her an infant school teacher. She worked for five years at a Montessori school with a class of 40 children and was invited to lead a school for 3 year olds. In the meantime she had a 3 year old son, Cyril, who came to her class.

One day Marianna was ready for a new challenge and decided to delve into the adult human nature. She decided to study andragogy (a cross between psychology, sociology and philosophy) at the University of Amsterdam.
In her first year, of study, she asked interesting questions during the lectures and attracted the attention of her sociology teacher who ensured that she was allowed to give lectures at social academies.

In those years, Marianna was also very active in the Dolle Mina (women’s liberation) movement with major actions such as “Rely on the Women”. Later she also took part in the team that launched the first Dutch-woman-consultant Meta van Beek.
At the same time, she founded a theater group and travelled throughout the country with a play about the men-women relationship. IT WAS A GREAT TIME!

In the meantime Marianna had a full-time job in higher professional education that would last for twelve and a half years.
She had already become quite society-critical and wanted to discuss this with the students, but that was not appreciated by the strict Catholic management. She was forced to give ‘tight’ lectures and halved her teaching hours. With that she took a financial risk, but luckily she was offered all kinds of other work such as an Open-school project in the Bijlmer prison and training in social skills for the police and the Criminal Investigation.

In addition to all that work, Marianna and her then boyfriend had started the project: “Living in nature”.
She had a very traumatic childhood and always sought her comfort in nature and with her animals. They had bought an old hunting lodge in a forest that needed to be completely renovated. The intention was to become self-sufficient.
Marianna created an organic vegetable garden and wine was made from elderflower and elderberries. She enjoyed cooking on an antique wood stove.
In addition, she attended drawing and painting courses at the Free Academy and opened a Gallery for female artists.

Meanwhile, Marianna had another dream: she wanted to become a psychotherapist for women. She had worked hard for many years on solving her own childhood traumas through gestalt-therapy, path-work, yoga and meditations.

She started the Psycho-synthesis study. One of the Italian founders Roberto Assagioli came to teach himself. Then she went to study psychopathology in Utrecht, because women were referred to her with serious problems.
She became a therapist at “De Maan” in Amsterdam and organized weekend training for women (a mix of
gestalt-therapy and assertivety training).

Marianna could have sustained this for years, but there were two breaking points: first, her son got juvenile diabetes with serious health problems when he was 8 years old. Medical mistakes were made and she travelled all over country to get the best medical help so that Cyril stabilized, but then Marianna was hit by a burn-out.
She began to delve into natural medicine and thanks to the ingenious Bio-resonance therapy, Lyme disease (caused by a tick bite) was diagnosed and cured.

A turning point came in her life, Marianna decided to become a writer and wrote two books about health and happiness. She received a lot of media attention and articles appeared in newspapers and magazines and the crown on her work was a large television interview and a letter of thanks from the Minister of Health.

She came in contact with Ruud Nieuwenhuis, director of the Orthomolecular Nutrition Consultancy, with whom she was going to collaborate to launch a press release about a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, Marianna realized a dream she had cherished for years: A HOUSE IN TOSCANA. Although she spoke only two words of Italian “cappuccino and Chianti”, she found a rental house within two days in the beautiful Tuscan coastal area and finally her current dream house.
In Toscana she translated the essence of her books into Italian and made the documentary “Blueprint for a better world” (Health and Happiness in your own hands), which became a huge success and can be seen on the internet for free.

Because Marianna is very concerned about the state of the world, in particular the climate crises and the destruction of nature, she wrote the book: “Wake up & save our planet”, that is for sale in Dutch book stores and as an E-book available on Amazon.
She considers it her mission to provide all knowledge about healthy food and mindfulness and to give practical advice for a sustainable, ecological lifestyle.